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AB's Bio

NASCAR Racing 3 was my first experience with a wheel and driving online. I was mired in pickup races as I didn't even know leagues existed. I was nothing more than a moderate driver in NR3. I won my share of races, but I was a mid pack driver. At this point, I knew racing could be brought to a new level. I also knew the game was holding us back.

Upon the much anticipated release of NASCAR Racing 4, I was not disappointed with the final product. It was everything I expected. I began racing with a Thrustmaster Pro Digital which is now serving as my backup wheel today.

I soon joined two leagues during the early part of NR4. FASCAR-Online and CORS had my listed as a rookie, but I impressed no one more than myself with my performance. I found victory lane in the first five races of the season in FASCAR. Three wins came in the GN division which was filled primarily with rookies. I also subbed in the first two Cup races which followed with two wins. I was drafted into the Cup division after those five wins.

The CORS season has a similar start, with me seeing victory lane in the first race of this fixed setup league. It was referred to as 'The Workin' Mans League.' The fierce competition of CORS really brought online racing to a new level for me and I quickly found that I liked racing humans much more than artificial intelligence.

My online racing 'career' began with 12 wins in 17 starts, including 14 top fives and 15 top ten finishes.

N4 also ran on my first ever personal computer which consisted of an Athlon 950 and a Geforce 2 GTS. It served me well for two years running N4 wonderfully, but has since been replaced with a new build of mine, an XP1700+ and Geforce 3 Ti200.

NR2002 was more of a pickup race scenario and Board Racing became much more than a fad. BR was the highlight of NR2002 for me. While I didn't really anticipate the weekend in hopes to have some good racing, it really filled the void of boring nights. I also found that the people you race with is half the fun of racing.

I was also introduced to the biggest hardship of sim racing during NR2002. That was the wheel change I made. A Logitech MOMO now graces my desk and has certainly made for some challenging on-track experiences. I'm now more comfortable and can confidently turn more consistent laps after heaps of track time with the wheel.

We are now blessed with NASCAR Racing 2003, Papyrus' final release. If all goes well, EA should have a better sim out by the year 2009. Until then, we'll race hard with the best sim currently on the market.

We're still waiting to hear from the West Bros.



Contract Info - AB5000 signed his open-ended Sogz Llama Motorsports contract on February 16th, 2003. This brought the total members of the team to 5. Most details of the contract are not able to be disclosed at this time, or for that matter, any other time. Adam was sent some clearance audio equipment from the now defunct Nobody Beats The Wiz electronics store. Most of the equipment was broken, so the team decided to pitch in and sign Ada\m up for as many email newsletters as they could find.