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Handle - Minted Llama

2003 Wins - 19(11 BR, 8Open) 166 Run.

Leagues - 2 (BR IROC)

Best Track - Watkins Glen

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Contract Info - Minted Llama has an open-ended contract with Sogz Llama Motorsports. His contract was inked in October of 2002, and has been with the team since it's foundation. The Llama is the most vocal member of Team SLM, and hypes the team as much as he can. Other than this, however, he doesn't have many other qualities worth mentioning. His contract calls for a load of oats to be delivered to his Oregon ranch on a weekly basis. Team SLM is hurt by Minted's lack of corporate sponsor, but this was a clause in his contract. Also, since Minted is the official treasurer of Team SLM, he is able to adjust his weekly winnings to appear more favorable than the other team members.
Minted Bio


Hello. I've been racing actively online since NASCAR Racing 3. I have been hooked ever since buying NASCAR Racing 1 back at Costco, and playing it on my dad's 486. I remember the days before I was able to purchase NACAR Racing 1, as soon as we got into the store, I would spend a good 10 minutes reading everything on the back of the box three or four times. Those were the days, however, things have changed for the better since then, so I certainly don't miss them.

My 'community interaction' didn't start until I bought NASCAR racing 4, and the stupid thing wouldn't run on my computer. So I called tech support and talked with a complete asshole. So I hung up and called back, this time I got a nice guy who understood how badly I wanted to play this game, and that it was probably a Secure Rom error with my CD-RW. So he directed me to the Sierra forums, where there was a post about the Secure Rom issue stuck to the top. It didn't help me, but later the tech guy got on AOL IM and sent me the no-cd 'patch'. I still talk to the tech guy today (whenever he pops on, which is rarely), you can see him roaming the Sierra server under the name GrandPrixLegend. He also turned me onto the mods that were coming out for GPL, and got me hooked on that game again.

I use a Logitech Momo FF as my primary wheel, and a MS FF as my backup. I am currently in the middle of building a new PC to handle 2003 a bit better.

So that's basically it. The first and only league I've been in is NBSR (No Bull Sim Racing), I joined with fellow simmers Mr. Pynk & Spaceshot. I joined the NBSR around October of 2001 or thereabouts, which was when I finally got a wheel to play this game with.

I continued to be an active member on the Sierra forums (much to everyone's dismay), and run online a few hours a week. In late February of 2002, a sarcastic reply to a post by Papyrus Developer Steve Myers led to me being looked at for beta testing of NASCAR Racing 2003. I was emailed out of the blue, and asked to respond if interested. So being sane, I emailed him back and said something to the effects of, 'Hell yeah!'

Time passed by, and finally the beta team was gathered about and work on NASCAR Racing 2003 began. They did the work, and we just played the hell out of it. Easy enough. Anyway, here I am. This annoying person named Soggy said he started a team, and some people were in it that I really didn't know. 'Whatever', I said. Later I got to know everyone, and so the team thing was a bit cooler to me since I could actually stand almost everyone.

On March 3rd of 2003, I parted ways with the NBSR as one of the admins used his power there to make my life miserable. I wasn't the first one to recieve abuse, but I'm certainly not one to take shit from some asshole on a power trip. I used to fight for the cause of the NBSR, but it's no better than any other league with a bunch of ego-filled admins. The people in question should be ashamed of the way they handle themselves, and their members. I no longer can recommend that league to anyone.

Thanks for reading, although I'm sure nobody did...unless longer can recommend that league to anyone.

Thanks for reading, although I'm sure nobody did...unless you're stalking me, which I've decided I'm 'ok' with. Anyway, my future goals are to win as much as humanly possible. Despite the invites to several leagues, I have decided not to join any until I can commit the time. Right now, my schedule is rather hectic. But thank you very much for the invites. To view my gaming setup, click here.