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JP Racer's Bio

Handle - JP Racer

2003 Wins -

Leagues -

Favorite Track - Bristol Night

Contract Info - JP Racer has an open-ended contract with Sogz Llama Motorsports. His contract was inked in October of 2002, and has been with the team since it's foundation. Along with unsurpassed racing ability, JP has the knack to create winning setups for Team SLM. His contract states specifically that he provide Team SLM with his vast amount of setup knowledge. Withholding any such information will void his contract, and he would lose his lush wing here at In return, the Wisconsin native will receive advice from Team SLM on how to steer clear of in-state shoe-whoring sports drink wielding Packer fan lowlifes. And as if that wasn't enough, the team will also provide real-time statistics on how many career 20 or worse finishes Matt Kenseth has. This will also include a pamphlet that compares 2002 average time on pit road with 2003's average time on pit road, and DNA proof that Matt Kenseth is in fact the native of an obscure village in San Pedro, Mexico...and not, in fact, from Wisconsin.


I was born April 17th, 1958 in a small town in Brazil. I lived there until I reached the age of 23, and then moved to Wisconsin (for obvious r there until I reached the age of 23, and then moved to Wisconsin (for obvious reasons).

In 1999, I bought NASCAR Racing 3. I played it for hours on end, since I was laid off and on welfare for most of the 90's. I kept playing N3 throughout 2000, and stopped playing it in 2001, when I bought NASCAR Racing 4. I played that game for a little while, about a year in fact. I had lots of fun building setups from scratch, and testing them against other setups. In 2002, I stopped playing N4 because N2002 came out. I started playing that, and did some sets, and ran a bit. I was pretty good. Won some, lost some. In 2003, the game that I got was N2003, so I stopped playing 2002. It took me a while to get 2003 because I'm a stubborn asshole. Now that I have it, I look forward to racing against all of the interesting characters out there in sim world.