Handle - TeamMonteCarlo, Josh O'Brien

2003 Wins -

Leagues -

Best Damn Track - TBD

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TMC's Bio


Contract Info - TMC Rocket (TeamMonteCarlo, Josh O'Brien) has an open-ended contract with Sogz Llama Motorsports. His contract was inked in October of 2002, and has been with the team since it's foundation. His skill off the track as a painter has been invaluable to the team, as he took the time to paint the 13, 72, and the 17. The small print in his contract states that he is required to be annoyed as often as possible from various members of the team for any painting desire they might have. A condition of his contract states mass quantities of Coca Cola be shipped to his plush home in the quiet state of Connecticut. Another condition states that fellow members cannot question the validity of his sponsor-laced auto chat. More information regarding TMC can be found in the stats section of the web site.

Hi, my name is Josh. I play this game. I paint cars. Thats it.