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Minted's Gaming Setup


Welcome to my gaming setup page! This is my racing setup in my spare bedroom. As you see, I have my trusty Wrestlemania XIX chair, my sturdy Momo, and of course, my faithful Firelog box. The keyboard is off to my left, making it hard to type while I race (although I find ways when I get mad at something). The firelog box is there to keep my pedals from slipping. The card table laying on top of my regular table is there because my wheel won't clamp to the regular table. So I needed an overhang to clamp my wheel on. The tv is there for boring caution laps or waiting for a practice session to end. It's usually always on, but if I'm racing, I can't hear it over the sound of the game. The box it's sitting on is an unopened MS Sidewinder FF wheel, which is my spare wheel. Although I've had no problems yet with my refurbished Momo that I got 6 months ago. And yes, this is my masterful PII 400 160MB SDRAM 32MB Geforce2 MMX, 4.01GB HD machine.

It's normally not this messy, but I decided to not tidy it up before the picture, since it added character. Besides, there usually is a bottle of water or coffee cup near me anyway. Those cans of soda aren't empty either, they're holding up that side of my printer since the printer is propped up on my scanner. You can see the firelog box flush against the is propped up on my scanner. You can see the firelog box flush against the wall, and my cd book on top of it for some added weight. That tv is ancient. I remember playing Nintendo on it the Christmas morning I finally got an NES. And we had it for at least 10 years before that. It's spent 4 years with my brother in college, 4 years with my sister, and 4 years with me.

So that is my gaming setup. Obviously, it's not as exciting or interesting as many others, but one day when I get the space, I'll get creative. But for now, this works just fine for me. And no, I don't want a computer desk right now, I move around quite a bit and would not want a desk to lug around with me. And yes, it's another reason why I keep putting off a new computer.