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Sogz Takes The First NoBull Winston Race of NR03!

The Winston Boys of the NBSR took to the high banked famous Daytona International Speedway for the Daytona 250, with, D_Matlock taking the pole. The NBSR guys ran some quick laps with the top 9 in qualifying over 190 MPH. Leading them to the green was the 97 car of D_Matlock, but he wasn't there long with the 25 car of D_Ness passing him high going into turn 1. Lap 13 saw Sogz move his way into the top 5 after starting 9th.

Yellow #1: Lap 19, huge wreck started by scoooter1967 getting into the 66 car of DRS in the tri-oval. When it was all done, 9 cars were involved with DRS retiring and the 2 car of GoRusty blowing an engine. Pit Stops! Everyone pits with Soggy taking 2 tires and gas therefore beating them all off pit road. Race restarts with the 109 car leading the way, but not for long as he goes high in turn 1 and Sogz passes him low for the lead.

Yellow #2: lap 29, Brax Blows his engine dropping oil all over turn 3 and 4. D_Ness pits from 2nd leaving Soggy against the team mates of NBSR(TDL) and Wisor. It wasn't much of a battle with Wisor and TDL drafting by on the high side but they are team mates.

Yellow #3: Lap 37, the 8 car of G-Man gets loose, hits the outside wall and slides back into the 38 car of MGR. Cars Involved: 24, 92, 8, and 38. Pit stops again with the 25 car staying out and most others pitting. The 25, 22, 127, and 109 stayed out. Restart on lap 42 With the first 4 cars the same, the 4 car in 5th and Sogz in 9th.

Yellow #4: Lap 51, Wisor Gets into BWR brings out the yellow. One car wreck, no real damage and the 50 continues. Sog in 8th. After pitting yet again, on the lap 55 restart it was the 127 car of Flatout, the 22 of eggert and the 072 of soggy after just taking rights and gas again.

Last Yellow #5: lap 57, NBSR(TDL) gets into the 327 of Weatherwax causing himself to spin and then retires. Lap 62 is the final restart with 28 green flag laps of fun left.

After 13 laps of following the 22 car which had bad gearing, Soggy with the help of D_Ness pushed past the 22 and the lead car of Flatout454 up high and into the lead with 14 laps to go. And that was the winning move, with 14 to go and the help of the 127 car, Sogz took checkers for the first NBSR Winston race of NR03.

Soggy being the way he always is after a win did a huge burnout much to the delight of the fans, Flatout finished 2nd Eggert 3rd, Jestor4th and Scooter5th.

(02/28/03) Team News - Congrats to Soggy, who has been the most active racer in the Team over the last week. Below is an article from the NBSR Winston race he won last week. He also finished second last night in the Winston Race. This puts him second in the points, just 5 back of the leader. Congrats to Soggy.
(02/28/03) New Member - Today the team would like to make public the signing of a new driver. Adam Bluhm has signed on with Team SLM, and we are extremely happy of having someone of his caliber driving for us.
(02/28/03) Team SLM Web Site - On Feb. 28th, 2003, is born. Thanks to the team for their help. Have a look around, non-team members might find it interesting, but for the most part, this was designed for our own team's amusement. On the front page you'll find team news and all of that. Occasionally we'll do quick race recaps for our own records.
(03/03/03) NBSR & ML - The NBSR & Minted Llama decided to part ways today. Minted Llama was in the NBSR for a little over a year and a half, and came away with 3 championships (Busch, first Open series, and the Speedways series). Minted joined the league and afterwards got his racing buds Mr. Pynk and Spaceshot to come along for the ride. Minted got lots of good experience, and met some good online racers in his time in the NBSR. However good those things were, the last straw was when ML seemingly acquired his own set of rules, as the admins obviously couldn't keep whatever childish personal opinions they had out of their judgment. Tired of taking it up the ass from The Man, Mint was brutally honest on the league forum, and figured that would be it. It was. Some people can't deal with the truth, and have to protect others from it. Hopefully the NBSR will learn to treat their members with a little more respect in the future. Paying server bills and web space doesn't give them the right to be pieces of shit to league members. Without them, you'd have some rather lonely races.
(03/03/03) IROC - IROC race at Vegas went as badly as the rest of the races at Vegas went for Mint, getting tagged coming to the line for a caution. He kept it off the wall but had PC problems after that. Soggy did decent, TMC missed the race, Adam should make next weeks. Hopefully Atlanta will be the turnaround for SLM in the IROC series.
Old SLM News

(03/04/03) The Fun Never Ends - NBSR official and son of another NBSR official decided to take it upon himself to comment on Minted's departure from the league. Apparently the league believes that Minted is trying to 'bring down the league' over the comments he made. Obviously, Mint keeps the team up-to-date on what happens, and realizes that what one person has encountered with the NBSR won't mean a whole lot to anyone else. So this can be viewed as paranoia. Why the head official of the league has decided to write childish emails to Minted is beyond anyone's understanding. Let's look at some quotes, you'll see the NBSR has no problems keeping up a good image of themselves.

"You don't have a clue. Please don't act like you do."

Ah. Ok. So after the head admin admitted their were problems, and if any one of the father-son duo had a problem with you personally, you might as well 'Quit' the league, isn't a clue? I don't think anyone needs a 'clue' to see that any admin that can't keep their personal feelings aside for a driver shouldn't be running a league. I think that's pretty damn apparent, and is not some astounding prediction or discovery. Apparently common sense eludes most.

"I don't care what you or anyone else think of me or any admin of the NBSR.
We will run this league as we wish. Because we can!!"

Ah...and in the same email Minted is called 'childish'! You are right, this is a free country and you can be the biggest asshole in the world, because it's your right. And it's my right to say whatever I want to say about it right here. America is a wonderful place.

"What's really stupid is how you think you can hurt the league by writing
your burning my bridge article on your new web site.

What's really stupid is that you think that. The only thing 'burning' in this little piece is YOUR OWN WORDS. lol. Dumbass.

"a little over a year and a half to figure out that we are assholes? Man your kinda slow aren't you?"

At least you can admit you are completely biased, ignorant, hypocritical, AND assholes, in the same email! Yes, I can see why many would flock to join this league!! They would be crazy not to!

"What would you know about other leagues?"

Enough to know that good leagues aren't run by admitted assholes. It's as proffesional as a game of 3rd grade kickball.

"Is this one of the best leagues on the net? YUP!!"

Proof positive that you really do live in a small world. I doubt anyone that read the previous quotes can read that last one and keep a straight face. I know I couldn't when I read it.

"That's why after people like you go off on their childish little rants and quit or get kicked out, they want back in the league."

You're basing your opinion on your league off of the 3 people you kicked out that wanted back in? The sim world is a pretty big place. There are thousands of leagues out there, and thousands of drivers. You're not as needed as you might think you are. As for 'my childish' rant? It looks well constructed to me. So well constructed that instead of a response, it was just deleted. I'll let you read over the quotes, and figure out who acts like a child.

(03/05/03) Newsflash -

"Man TDL, I came from a league with to many cautions to one with not enough"


Weatherwax must have had a bad night. Look out Flashpoint! I think I've motivated the NBSR to another few years of operation. You're welcome pops!
Weatherwax must have had a bad night. Look out Flashpoint! I think I've motivated the NBSR to another few years of operation. You're welcome pops!


(03/06/03) Thanks - For those that sent in links, invites, suggestions, and even your own stories. Interesting stuff! Sad, but interesting! We haven't even started uploading much content, but Team SLM appreciates the 500 unique hits we've had in less then a week. Chances are you'll soon run out of reasons to come back, but thanks anyway for taking the initial glance. - Team SLM