This Site Created 2/19/03 And is best viewed at 800x600 or while being routed to alternate home pages. Please ask permission if you need to use or want to post anything on this site. - Minted Llama (Webmaster)

Welcome to Team SLM. This team was founded by Soggy and Minted Llama, although Soggy got the ball rolling a bit
more than ML. This site is meant to be enjoyed and checked out by the team members, although anyone else is certainly welcome to check out what's on this site. This site grows every week, and there are dozens upon dozens of pages to explore and read. Granted, most of the pages are just poor attempts at humor, but what the hell. It's
our site and we like to There are some utilities the downloads section,
play around quite a lot. of interest perhaps in as well as some car


thought it might add a bit more to the site. It's a little thing we could do and perhaps it could keep
files and maybe even in the near future, some setups. There are also a few easter eggs (ok, there are a shitload of Easter Eggs) on the site, good luck finding them. You most likely won't. We just
interest up in the site. Thanks for looking around.
Team SLM members Soggy andindex:25; left: 106px; top: 803px">Team SLM members Soggy and Minted Llama, along with Rook and GoVols as they practice at Talledega for an upcoming event. - Screenshot By GoVols (4/2003)