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Of course I didn't specify which glorious creature I was talking about.
GoJeffGo2002 "Hey, why do you have to be a smart ass 24/7?" 2/18/03


Phil "You realise pointing out someone's refusal to admit they're wrong is completely irrelevant, right? You think I'm wrong. I think you're wrong. Neither of us have made the slightest apology for our actions, because we both think we're right. So until you pull out some better proof or even pull your head out of your backpassage, you're as stubborn as I am." 5/2003
RustyLite2 "Minted Llama, why don't you suckp: 466px">RustyLite2 "Minted Llama, why don't you suck my fking meat. Put it in your fking mouth, and do your thang, you piece of trash mther fker no good moronic mofo" 3/02/03
You Can Quote Them... (I did).
Neosirys "That whole post defines everything that can be wrong in this forum. Basically youre coming off as Minted Jerk." 5/31/03