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Even Older News

6/17/04 - Hey gang! Long time no see, if this is your first visit to this website, you might want to check out our cars in the downloads section, or maybe the 'Gentleman, Start Your Engines' replacement pack, also in the downloads section. Trust me, after listening to these, you'll cringe everytime you hear the default guys.

So what is new with SLM? Not a whole lot, still just kickin' it in the forum (so if you visit here often and notice very little updates, join the god damned forum already!), and still racing N2003.

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even older news here!

(SLM Update)-Track conditions proved to be much looser then in testing for Soggy, as he had his hands full in happy hour, the team decided to toss in a different setup which proved to be a good idea for the race.

Now onto the race, the first laps of the race were hazardous as multi-car wrecks were taking place. Lap one would see the 38 car of MGR get hit from behind on the backstretch and turned around. Heavy Rear damage forced him out of the race and he retired. Also the 4 car of Wisor gets loose and saves the car, almost nailing the inside wall.

4/10/03 Ya Know - Ya know, being involved in the sim world for the last 4 or 5 years, I have noticed quite a few things that I find rather funny. I'll just mention one of them right now, since it's come up of late.

If you kicked ass at NASCAR Racing 2002, and you suck at NASCAR Racing 2003, I will give you a small hint as to the problem. It's YOU. I have heard SO many ego's of late that have a hard time grasping N2003, blame the game. It's not the game, it's you. The game is fine. It doesn't need a patch. Your head needs a patch. I have heard 3 different people mention this. As the games evolve, you're driving will need to evolve. It's a simple process, but if you don't evolve with the game, you're ass is going to be left behind. And believe me, nobody will give a shit. We all love to see the burning ego's fall from the sky.

Case in point, NASCAR Racing 4, a kid by the name of D-Blauch was untouchable. He really knew how to play the game. He was always winning, but what happened when NASCAR Racing 2002 came along? You bet, he sucked ass. He couldn't qualify, he couldn't finish a damn race, he just blew. I hardly even see him anymore in the servers, he's like the last unicorn of sim racing. Well, maybe that's going a bit far, but you get my point. I hope.

So why does this happen? First of all, it's all in the character. Some people have the unwillingness to change how they approach the game. Do you think Madonna would still be popular today singing Like A Virgin? Hell know, she's 60 years old and has 4 kids. But she's still making millions, because she knew how to adapt. So now we have these sim racers, they are struggling with the game. We have already established, it's not the game. People have problems coping, they've been saying 'It's the game' the last 6 years. What makes YOU think when YOU say it, it means anything different? It doesn't. Stand in line with the rest.

Now those that can roll with the games and run just as well with them no matter what version, and believe in the fact, that there are PLENTY of them in the world, probably read this and have no clue how someone can't pick up the subtle changes in 2003 over 2002. I know I can't. The game is more realistic, that is a proven fact. You think it's the game, then go back to running the dumbed down version of what we have now. Run arcade mode, maybe you can win then. But what these people have the hardest time dealing with is their egos. That's right, ego. People that can't accept they need to change, and are always blaming somebody else. You know the type, and the excuses. These people that think practice is a race and you need to have the top time in order to 'win'. You know the excuses you get from them when they aren't, (dang, I haven't practiced here AT ALL, damnit, I can't get a clean lap in!, gosh, what's wrong with my wheel?, Boy, all this time at work and with the kids is really showing how bad I got at this track, etc etc). Yes, those are hilarious, and the really good ones are whipped out after qualifying is over. Sure, these people must live their lives putting themselves over, even if they do badly, they have to put over WHY they are doing poorly. They think everyone cares, and everyone is waiting for them to whip out an awesome lap and they have a microscope on them. Don't flatter yourself. Nobody gives a shit. We don't want to know why you didn't 'win' practice' we don't want to know why you only qualified second, we don't expect anything from you expect your usual arrogant, egotistical remarks that piss everyone off. But usually said person is in a position of power, so everyone just commences in the asskissing.

So these oblivious assholes aren't a dime a dozen. They are a rare breed. They can't accept certain things because they spend too much time making sure they have excuses to counteract their own suckiness. This being said, getting better at the game would mean that all of their excuses were total bullshit to begin with. Hence, they are in a little bit of a quandary. Get better at the game and stfu? Or not get better at the game and quit, because you can't accept failure? Decisions, decisions!

Two things will happen. These people will get better, or they will fade away. It honestly doesn't take much to get better, a little practice, and a little coming-to-terms with yourself. If they fade away, great. One less jerkoff in the Papy server or private server spouting off about random shit, typing in all caps with bad grammar. People that make themselves look stupid each time they touch the keyboard. But keep this in mind and spare us, if you have a bad race, don't say anything about it! If you find it impossible for that to happen, then you might be who I'm talking about. - Minted Llama

The lap 6 restart saw the 22 car of eggert break loose in turn 2 collecting 6 cars in the madness. In the wreck: 98 AU, 66 DRS, 22 eggert, 14 Bug Racing, 97 D_Matlock, and the 109 of scooter. Sogz, coming up from behind goes high and around the wreck unharmed. Lap 11 was the 2nd restart with Soggy in 7th position, but not for long moving into 4th place within the next 3 laps. On lap 14, eggert got loose and brought out the 3rd yellow of the race. All the lead cars pitted except the 66 of DRS and 4 of wisor.

Lap 18 was the 3rd restart which saw the 66 and 4 wishing they had gotten tires, the 25, 04 and 072 would blow by them within 2 laps. Now, the first LONG green flag run started, soggy moving into 2nd on lap 24 and following the 25 until lap 43 when he got under him in turn 3. There Sogz stayed for about 10 laps, then the 25 got back around him. Lap 59, the final yellow comes out because the 50 of BWR decided to play bumper tag with the 28 of TDL in turn 3. The 28 car badly damaged on the rear end, the 50 goes away with scratches. TDL retires.

Lap 65, the final restart started the 82 lap green flag run to the checkers. Soggy wasted no time getting the lead taking it on the same lap, and leading till lap 89. Lap 107, the 82 and 04 passed soggy taking 2nd and 3rd, both these cars were excellent on longer runs. Considering he was bad on long runs, and staying out was losing him precious time, soggy came in for tires and gas on lap 109…short pitting, this proved to be a key point in the race with Flatout doing the same on lap 110, both these cars ended up being the ONLY contenders for the win. Jimmac pitted a full 6 laps after soggy, but with his entry to pit lane and tires giving up speed he ended up 13 seconds behind. Click here for results.


3/27/03 Random News - Not much to update. Boardracing stats will be updated early next weekend, as Minted will be in Seattle for the weekend. Save exports! The racing has been good, and stats will be updated fully next week for team members. Download section is being revamped, if anyone wants anything that used to be on there, email me. I'm currently working on replacing all of the GSYE sounds in the game with real GSYE's. Thanks. And good luck to the troops.
4/8/03 Soggy Wins IROC at Talledega - Soggy wins the IROC race at Talledega! All rules were off as friends turned into enemies in the closing laps, as everybody got what they could in the mad scramble to the line.

The NoBullSimRacing crew headed to the fast-paced, 1.54 mile oval of Atlanta Motor Speedway for the 4th race of the Winston season. Practice in the server was limited for Sogz as he found himself just getting into the server during qualifying. On the pole would be the 25 of D Ness with a lap of 28.653. (Sogz would start 20th by default)
3/18/03 TMC Picks up IROC Win - Congrats to TeamMonteCarlo as he led 39 of the 184 laps on his way to his first win of the IROC season. Click Here for the final standings.
04/03/03 Download Section - Our download section is back with 4 completed car files, including TMC's new patriotic paint scheme which looks incredible in action. Download them now!
4/9/03 Adam Bluhm Carfile Available - Finally, after months of tedious preparation, you can now grab the Adam Bluhm carfile from the downloads section. Thank you.
4/9/03 Stats - Stats page has been updated with he latest available stats from the team.
12/12/03 Stats - Guess who did stats?? Don't forget to register to vote! And sign up for the forum too, don't be left out of the loop! You can even help us decide what sort of loop you'd be left out of if you failed to do so! Join that is, not help us decide (we got that covered with or without you).
12/15/03 Stats - More stats. We got 'im. yay!!

12/30/03 - Hope everyone had a good holiday season! Bring on 2004!

Papyrus lost their general manager over the holidays, below is a bit about Rich Reily taken from the Papyrus site and the obituary section of the Salem paper in MA.

STONEHAM -- Richard F. Reily, 54, of Stoneham, husband of Nancy (Zampell) Reily, died Saturday, Dec. 20, 2003.

Born and raised in Peabody, he was the son of the late Thomas and Edna (Hockenhull) Reily. He graduated from Peabody High School in 1967 and, in 1971, from Salem State College, where he earned his master's degree in math.

Mr. Reily was employed as general manager of Papyrus Racing Games.

In addition to his wife, Mr. Reily is survived by his children and their spouses, Erin Lyle and her husband, William, of Wakefield, Kelli Reily and her fiancee, Brian Learned, of Stoneham, and Todd Reily of Stoneham; a granddaughter, Meghan Lyle; brothers and sisters, Thomas Reily and his wife, Fran, of Revere, Phyllis Harris of Peabody and Diane Manning, his twin, and her husband, Bruce, of Peabody; his mother and father-in-law, Vincent and Sally Zampell of Stoneham; and several nieces and nephews.


Rich Reily - General Manager
Prior to joining Papyrus as the General Manager, Rich oversaw Hasbro Interactive’s global quality assurance, customer support, advanced technology and information services. He brings more than 20 years of technology expertise to Papyrus, including 4 years at Hasbro Interactive and 11 years with Lotus Development Corp. where he spearheaded advanced technology for the Internet Applications Division. While at Lotus Rich also served as senior manager for new technologies, such as voice recognition, operating systems and PC hardware.

Prior to Lotus, Rich worked with Wang Laboratories, moving up the ranks from senior software engineer on Z80 products to quality assurance manager of Wang’s Applications Department in less than four years. He also spent several years working at Honeywell Information Systems, where he was a senior software engineer.

Rich holds a M.S. and B.A., both in Mathematics, from Salem State College. He lives in Stoneham, Massachusetts, with his wife and their three children.

Rich - 1949-2003

01/05/04 Stats - 27 exports have been crunched into our current list of boardracing stats. Knock yourselves out! And join the forum! It's alive and kickin' and here for good.


4/29 - We moved servers as the Team SLM host decided to get rid of a bunch of servers, and our beloved site was on one of them. So it might have been down, along with the forum, for a few days, but everything is back up to how it was, and if it isn't, it will be very soon.

Be sure to check out info regarding the boadracing series IROC truck league that runs each Monday night and follows the Cup schedule. Check out the forum by clicking the link on the left (it's at the bottom, it says 'Forum', hopefully you won't miss it) and getting the details. You can also check out the Official BR CTS IROC site here, You can also view the league videos at that site if you like racing videos.

5/08/05 - New splash screens for NASCAR Racing 2003! They make it 2005, and why not? Still the best game out there in 2005. Don't let the not-so-good screen shots fool ya, these things are pretty nice. They are self-installing so if you are a complete idiot, no worries! Check out our forum for any questions. Get the splash screens here;

Also, Andy Mahood of PC Gamer does another little piece on NASCAR Racing 2003 edition. To read the article, check out the 'Sim Section' in the forum And if this is Andy searching for himself on the internet, get back to work! Oh, and check out the 'Gentlemen Start Your Engines' sound pack. =)

6/11/05 - I've got the link to the Battlefield 2 demo!

Ooh, just kidding myers. Thanks for visiting the Team SLM forum, I hope you like racing!

12/23/05 - Happy holidays folks! Some news coming out of the iRacing front (AKA First). Not much but interesting (if only to watch the crybabies who are offended that iRacing protects it's intellectual properties like many other game developers do). The whole post-Papyrus sim community has really made me realize what a sniveling pack of dumbasses most people are!

Go ahead, cry. Don't paint anymore cars or make anymore tracks. Take your website down. I'll miss the 'so-and-so stole my decal set and didn't give me credit' discussions. Pantywastes. The sim community is changing and I think for the better. The less of these prima-donna uber-sensitive limp-wristed Richard Simmons-acting flakes running around the better.

Did I mention 'happy holidays'? Happy Holidays! Team cars found in the downloads section, but nobody really races anymore. The team, however, is proud of enough misc. bits of sim racing that we will always keep the doors open here at! It may only provide rubber-necking for most of the sim site wanderers, but damned if we aren't proud of our little car accident here in our treasured nook of the world wide web.

You can still join in our forum, link is to the left. See it? It's active, several hundred members. Bring your thick skin and love for sim racing! The forecast is calling for a 70% chance of flames! (ps - the web email address (bottom of the page) now works so if you want to contact the webmaster, go for it!)

1/11/06 - Hey gang! Added the points to our 2005 Pick 'Em NASCAR game-thing that we play on the forum. You can find that in the random section (which has also been added to a bit). NASCAR season is upon us again, the Bud Shootout is in one month, man what a quick offseason. No wonder these guys get burned out. Anyway, if you want to take part in our 2006 Nextel Cup Pick Em series, than sign up at the forum and stay tuned for the announcements.

What's new on the iRacing front? Nothing that I know of! The latest bit of news I've heard is that the Mets have signed reserve catcher Ramon Castro to a one-year, 800,000.00 deal. And unless im missing something, that doesn't have a whole lot to do with the sim world. Have a great 2006 and keep checking on us!

4/1/06 - No April Fool's day joke, I'm not that creative. Still going strong here on Not much going on. Minted Llama will be attempting to run in the 'Racing Against Blindness' 400 at Michigan on April 22nd. It's a benefit race, obviously. Website is here if you feel like contributing. Other than that, baseball season starts tommorow, the NASCAR season is in full dysfunctional swing, and life is good!